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CEJUR is an open space for legal debate, which periodically brings together local lawyers, professionals and students from the city and region. The center systematized a positive practice, seeking the professional improvement of everyone involved and a healthy and enriching exchange of knowledge.
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    Online debate addresses advantages and current affairs of arbitration

    Cejur (Brazil Salomão Legal Studies Center) will hold this Thursday (14/10) the virtual debate “Arbitration: Advantages and Current Affairs”. The broadcast takes place on the Brasil Salomão and Matthes Advocacia office channels via Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, at 9am. Present on the bench will be the attorney for the State of São Paulo, Olavo Alves Ferreira; the head judge of the 2nd Civil Court of Jaboticabal, Carlos Eduardo Montes Neto; and the law firm’s partner-lawyer, João Henrique Gonçalves Domingos, in addition to the mediation of the firm’s president, the law-partner Marcelo Salomão.

    According to  João Henrique Gonçalves Domingos, currently arbitration is at the center of several discussions, due to the possibility of any citizen having at their disposal some options to resolve conflicts, and not just judicially: “Let’s talk about the advantages of the institute, such as, for example, the reduction the time to resolve the dispute, the judgment by specialized arbitrators, among countless others”, he comments.

    The lawyer also adds that the activity will feature experts on the topic, such as the participating prosecutor and judge, which will bring important information to the public. “Dr Olavo is the author of books on the subject, cited in several court decisions, in addition to being an arbitrator. And Dr Carlos Eduardo, state judge, will be able to bring us an updated view of the Judiciary on arbitration”, highlights Domingos.

    What: “Arbitration: advantages and disadvantages”
    Online debate with the State of São Paulo prosecutor, Olavo Alves Ferreira; the head judge of the 2nd Civil Court of Jaboticabal, Carlos Eduardo Montes Neto; and the partner-lawyer at Brasil Salomão e Matthes Advocacia, João Henrique Gonçalves Domingos; in addition to the mediation of the president of the same office, partner-lawyer Marcelo Salomão.


Social Responsability

Generating social changes and promoting relationship channels between the company and society – this is the main objective of the Center, which was created in 2006. The intention is to systematize a series of social actions, both for the organization’s internal public and for the community, enabling the development of community programs.
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    Office promotes sweater campaign in drive thru system

    Maintaining its tradition of promoting an annual solidarity action in winter to assist families in vulnerable situations, the Brasil Salomão e Matthes Advocacia office is promoting the BSeM Warm Clothing Campaign next Friday (25). This year, due to the pandemic, for the second time in a row, the collection will take place through the drive-thru system, from 9am to 11am and from 2pm to 5pm, at the legal firm’s headquarters, in Ribeirão Preto, located on Avenida Presidente Kennedy, 1255, Ribeirânia. Vehicles will enter through the side parking gate, on Rua Augustinho Veiga.

    The donations will be delivered to Casa das Mangueiras, a reference entity in care and coexistence services and strengthening bonds for children and adolescents in Ribeirão Preto, located at Rua Tupinambá, 1457, in Vila Recreio.

    The campaign accepts any type of help: coats of all sizes, shirts and t-shirts, pants, blankets, coats, socks, caps and children’s clothing, as well as footwear,among other items for personal use or bed, table and bath items.

    With the new Coronavirus pandemic continuing, the office management once again opted for the drive-thru system to carry out the campaign, believing this to be the way to provide safety to the participants and the entire team of employees involved. During the action, all social distancing rules and health measures in force in the country will be followed.

    For Evandro Grili, partner and executive director of Brasil Salomão e Matthes Advocacia, being able to carry out another campaign of this scope is gratifying for all professionals at the firm. “Our 2021 sweater campaign arrives once again in drive-thru mode, respecting the health protocols of the pandemic. We are mobilizing our team in Ribeirão Preto to collect as many clothes, blankets, shoes, among other items, as possible. All donations will go to Casa das Mangueiras, which will take care of directing donations to the community that needs them”, explains the lawyer.

    For those who wish to make donations, there will be no need to get out of the car: just have masks and alcohol gel on your hands before delivering to the location and, if possible, provide donations in good condition and in appropriate hygiene conditions, to ensure campaign security. Internally, the bags will also undergo asepsis before final delivery.


    What:Drive-Thru Coat Campaign | Brazil Salomão and Matthes Advocacia in favor of Casa das Mangueiras.

    Date: June 25th (Friday)

    Time: 9am to 11am and 2pm to 5pm

    Location: Head office of the legal firm in Ribeirão Preto – Av. Presidente. Kennedy, 1255 – Ribeirânia.

    Note. Vehicles will be stopped at the side parking gate, located on Rua Augustinho Veiga.

  • entregando alimentos no carro

    Social Responsibility Center supports Unimed Ribeirão Preto Solidarity Parade

    This Saturday (19/6), Ribeirão Preto’s 165th anniversary, the Brasil Salomão Social Responsibility Center supports the second edition of the Unimed Ribeirão Preto Solidarity Parade. The event takes place from 9am to 2pm on the holiday and invites the entire population to collect non-perishable food. To ensure health safety due to the pandemic, the campaign will be carried out using a drive-thru system, without donors needing to get out of the car, with strict protocols, in the parking lot of Farmácia Unimed, located on Avenida Independência , 1,889 (between Avenida Itatiaia and Rua Jaraguá, towards the neighborhood-Center).

    All items donated by the community will be donated to three charitable organizations in Ribeirão Preto: Lar Padre Euclides, SOS Vidas and the NGO Garotos do Futuro and also to the Sertãozinho Solidarity Fund. “This year, the pandemic made it even more difficult for informal workers and the most needy people to obtain income. We opted for a food collection campaign, as the focus, now, is to improve food security for the most vulnerable”, says the director general – CEO of Unimed Ribeirão Preto, Julio Cesar Paim.

    In 2020, in its first edition, the Solidarity Parade collected almost a ton of warm clothes, which were donated to three charities – Lar Padre Euclides, Creche Alvorada and Casa Reluz -, benefiting more than 150 families.

    Joining forces

    The Brasil Salomão Responsibility Center participates in this solidarity action by donating food baskets and volunteering at the drive-thru which will function as a collection point, as well as contributing to the mobilization of its team and publicity with the community. “For us, at the Brasil Salomão e Matthes Advocacia office, it is a pleasure, a grateful satisfaction, to be able to participate in this 2nd Solidarity Parade promoted by Unimed Ribeirão Preto, our long-time client, partner in several projects of this kind”, comments the executive director of office, Rodrigo Forcenette.

    The lawyer also mentions that the Solidarity Parade has a point of identification with the projects that the Brasil Salomão Social Responsibility Center carries out. The office has been able to   develop, since 2006, when the Center was created, several works in this same line and also support with partners, in favor of entities that serve those most in need. Generating social changes and promoting relationship channels between the company and society is the Center’s main objective. “In moments like this, which we are experiencing, it is our obligation to look at others, to donate a little of what we have to those who are facing difficulties. Collaborating in some way, no matter how, is actually a great opportunity, a true privilege”, highlights Forcenette.

    In addition to the Brasil Salomão Social Responsibility Center, the 2nd Unimed Ribeirão Preto Solidarity Parade has the participation of volunteers from the cooperative and other supporting companies:  Gold Pão, RTE Rodonaves, Santa Helena and Vitta Residencial Construtora e Incorporadora. “By leading an action like the Solidarity Parade, we strengthen our bond with partners, collaborators and volunteers who embrace this work with us and make it even greater”, concludes the CEO of Unimed.

    Learn more about the benefiting entities:

    In Ribeirão Preto

    Lar Padre Euclides

    At the moment, the institution welcomes 45 elderly people, of both sexes, with level I dependence, with broken and/or weakened bonds, exposing them to a situation of vulnerability and social risk. Lar Padre Euclides aims to provide comprehensive social protection and the reconstruction and strengthening of family, community and social bonds.

    SOS Vidas    

    NGO aimed at helping socially vulnerable families, children with chronic illnesses and, whenever possible, also helping the elderly.

    Currently, 65 children with comorbidities are served, in addition to support for 250 families who are in vulnerable situations.

    GDF – Boys of the Future

    With a focus on culture, art and sport, it offers cultural and sporting support to children and teenagers. However, due to the pandemic, afternoon coffee and lunch boxes are being delivered to the communities of Seven Curvas (Vila Albertina), workers (Antônio Palloci) and Anjitos (Jd. Marchesi).

    In Sertãozinho

    Sertãozinho Social Solidarity Fund

    It serves the city’s needy population and families in vulnerable situations.


    2nd Unimed Ribeirão Preto Solidarity Parade

    When: June 19th (Saturday), from 9am to 2pm

    Location: Unimed Pharmacy parking lot (Avenida Independência, 1.889), drive-thru system

    What to donate: Non-perishable food