Cooperative law

The area of Cooperative Law in our firm deals with concepts applicable to organizations that are set up as cooperatives.

A cooperative is as association of professionals who share an interest and form an organization to carry out a specific not-for-profit economic activity.

In Brazil, the main cooperatives are constituted in the sectors of healthcare, agriculture, and banking. According to the Yearbook of Cooperatives of 2020, there are 4,868 cooperatives in Brazil, which account for a total net asset value of 145 billion Real.


How we act


Our tradition is this area is long and robust: we have assisted clients in thousands of procedures and consults related to the topic.

There are specificities in Cooperative Law that mean our expertise has been built on cooperation with other key areas in our firm: Corporate, Tax, and Regulatory law.

Consult with an experienced team in this essential type of private association.