Credit recovery

Our office has a team specialized in strategies for recovering amounts owed to our clients, arising from their economic activity.

Action in this area occurs on two fronts.
Firstly, in the administrative sphere with extrajudicial collection of liabilities, through the most diverse forms of communication and with respect to all current legislation on the subject.

Secondly in the judicial sphere. If it is not possible to recover the amounts extrajudicially, we continue with the filing of executive and monitoring actions and all types of legal procedures applicable to this type of recovery of amounts.

Our strategic vision is also present here in this segment, accumulated over more than 50 years of operation in the market, always focusing on our clients’ business.

This vision is developed both in the aspect of seeking the fastest and most efficient methods for the quickest recovery of the amounts owed, and in providing those who are charged with the most appropriate treatment possible, in order to preserve the relationship between our clients and debtors, ensuring that they can be ready for new business in the future.

Come and learn about our operations in this segment and our experience in this matter.