Business law

This area deals with clients in a range of business and trade relations to provide counseling in different sectors:


Banking law


The analysis of bank contracts overall, action related to administrative procedures before and together with financial institutions and the Central Bank of Brazil; effective action during negotiations to compose debt; filing procedures to seek the review of bank contracts and other judicial measures.


Contract law


Follow up and legal counseling on anticompetitive practices. Assistance in administrative demands, by means of defense or representation, before and together with CADE and other entities that deal with Economic and Competition Laws. Administrative and judicial counseling in demands related to hindering illicit practices and the consequences thereof. Advice on the operation of associations that may implicate the analysis or previous assessment by CADE for approval, such as mergers and acquisitions, the establishment of joint-ventures and other types of business associations. Support in the organization of operations that minimize risks related to competition.


New Law On Business Recovery and Bankruptcy 


Assessment of the business based on various criteria; preparation of requests for judicial recovery; drafting of recovery plans involving legal and technical considerations; filing and monitoring bankruptcy procedures or petitions for habilitation and even closure/termination.


Intellectual Property


Actions related to Registration and Defense of trademarks and patents before and together with Brazilian authorities (INPI).
The defense of interests regarding violation of trademark, patent, copyright, software property and protection. Counseling and action concerning Fashion Law.
The preparation of legal instruments for the protection of intellectual property and confidentiality, particularly: know-how transfer; trademark and software licenses; contracts on the edition and cession of rights. Actions related to judicial demands on intellectual and industrial property.