Labor Law

The work concerns the relations between employees and employers, as well as other forms of service provision. This area is divided into:

Consultation/Preventive counseling


This work focuses on the routines of admission, maintenance and dismissal of employees under direct contract or outsourcing.

  •  Diagnosis and Planning of Labor Relations: due diligence following the agenda set by clients and counselors in labor relations;
  •  Counseling on Union matters: this aims to assist in the relations between organizations and professional unions with agreements related to collective bargains.


Contentious/Administrative and Judicial Counseling


A specialized team is fully dedicated to defending clients in administrative and judicial procedures.

  • Contentious Administrative Labor matters: these relate to procedures resulting from municipal, state, and federal control, including acts of Labor Public Prosecution (Civil Inquests, Conduct Review Terms), Sub-representation of Labor Authorities, Committees for Advance Settlement.
  • Contentious Judicial Labor matters: these focus on the previous analysis of risks in each procedure and the advance liquidation of petitions (winding up), including meetings to prepare managers, representatives, and other parties involved. In addition to the learning stage, it also includes appeals and counter-argumentation and oral defense before Regional Labor Courts and the Higher Labor Court. There is also the stage of sentence execution, during which a plan can be drafted for the payment of any conviction in order to avoid drastic measures such as the freezing of assets of business entities or of individual persons responsible for organizations.


Pension planning


Legal advice on the planning of pensions and retirement conditions, including the preparation and filing of administrative and judicial procedures that seek to review and correct benefits that have already been paid, among other actions.